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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Major Update!

So I'm supposed to be studying but the lighting conditions are far less than ideal, so I'll take a little break to blog before moving up to my room where I have much better lights (but also much more distractions). Here's the update of my life for the past few months, so I'll be concise and share the relevant stuff.

Study, study, study!

The biggest update is that I've stopped work at AMKMC and am now a full time theological student at Trinity Theological College. I'll let some of these photos do the talking for me:

Orientation Day was packed.
My class is huge!
At the TTC chapel, where I go for chapel services, a staple part of student life.

The Hebrew Aleph-bet (alphabet), which we had to memorize on the first day.

Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew.

Church history class.

This year's CSCA lectures with Dr. Simon Chan on "Subversive Liturgy".

Random picture of Jumbo sleeping under my car while taking a break from studying.
Our visit to St. Mary of the Angels for our Field Education.

Reading my Mission and Evangelism textbook with a book stand to alleviate some of the "eyeball aches" I've been getting recently.

A view of the chapel from the back (where I'm usually now since undertaking AV responsibilities).

I've completed my first year Old Testament and Theology courses, so "by right" I should have more time to study than my fellow first year sufferers. But the truth is, I feel like I don't. I'm discovering that in order to retain information, I can't read at my usual pace. I miss out a ton of details! With Thursday mostly free and Friday all to myself, I pray that I will be able to catch up with my friends who are so well-adept at reading and writing. You can keep me in prayer for:

  • Church History - I'm really quite bad at geography and remembering places!
  • Hebrew 1 - 'Nuff said.
  • Mission and Evangelism - A mountain of readings, and a lot of group projects. Thankfully, my group mates are amazing!
  • New Testament 1 - The hardest for me so far. Our textbook isn't the friendliest and I've had to read up or watch other lectures to make sense of what the author of our textbook is trying to say.

Gigs and gear adventures

By the grace of God, I'm still able to get some vitamin M (music) in my system. My ministry "swan song" was serving on a worship team at this year's YMEFLC (Young Methodist-Evangelical Free Leaders' Conference), which I had the immense privilege of playing through a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Tonal bliss!

My amp sim became a mute switch. What a beauty of an amp!
In September, I'll be performing with some pals of mine I've come to admire and respect at Blujazz. Ivni and Wai Yee are blind musicians and are part of an annual concert at Blujazz (Ivni is a drum student at Bossworkz Music School, and yes, he is a blind drummer!) and I've had the privilege of meeting them to play on their bands for the past two years. It's a humbling experience to play alongside them because they show me that music transcends boundaries, even physical ailments.

I didn't have time to take a picture of them, but here's a shot of me rehearsing with an iRig Pro interface and using my phone as the effects processor.

Also, I think I've discovered that there is no way to achieve high gain tones through analog pedals unless you have a decent high-gain amp--which I will never own. Hence, my recent acquisition of iRig gear to play heavier stuff: and I'm mightily impressed! How I wish this technology was available to me when I was starting out! iRig equipment makes the multi-fx style of gear much more accessible for the beginner guitarist.

Soli deo gloria. Now, back to studying!

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