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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Farewell, Fair Well

Well, it's time we all moved on. While I'm performing a factory reset of Chiyoko, I'll spend the next minute reminiscing. Chiyoko (which means offspring of a thousand generations) is a Variax 700 and was the guitar that got me into the fast lane of speed-picking. I learnt my licks and riffs from Dream Theater, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani tunes off her.

Chiyoko also saw me through my university days. I would resolve to study harder, but she would beckon me to relax for a couple of minutes. Those minutes turned into hours of practicing my chops, jamming to my entire CD library, and just "messing around" the myriad of settings possible with the alternate tuning capabilities of the Variax.

Gigs were so fun with Chiyoko. I'd chuckle at a befuddled audience as is scrolled through electric, acoustic, resonator, sitar and 12-string patches within the set list (those were tough days of playing for "experimental" bands). I saved time in the studio by eliminating the need to change guitars after a good take.

But those days are behind me, and the listener of today is so exposed to digital music that the guitarist should be as organic and authentic as possible. So long, Chiyoko. You'll go on to be with people who will use you better. It's been real.

Blog Updates!

I have a blog, a YouTube channel, a Tumblr account, a Twitter account, and it seems like it's in vogue to have an online "blogshop" style website to promote your wares. While I'd like to think I'm not so mainstream as to follow the whims and fancies of the internet, Weebly is a very nice website builder to use!

I have a Weebly website now, at It's my new site to consolidate my new videos, new tweets, new blog posts, and make it easier for you to contact me!

I've progressively changed all my forum signatures to the Weebly--if you have noticed any dead links, please let me know. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gear Review: Mooer Micro DI (with Cabinet Simulation)

Here's my review of the Mooer Micro DI, with a focus on the cabinet simulation feature. To provide some background, I gig pretty frequently and need to go amp-less most of the time. I needed a pedal with cabinet simulation so I can go direct into the venue's mixer.

The Mooer Micro DI is a great tool to have in your gig bag or on the pedalboard. Its cabinet simulation is actually pretty decent, although it sounds best with clean to moderate overdrive. Anything over the top, like high gain and heavy modulation, will tend towards the muddy side.

Feel free to check out my video reviews to hear how it sounds, first through a single-coil equipped guitar like a telecaster:

And then through a Les Paul:

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