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Setting up the U2/Hillsong delay in a variety of situations.

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Thoughts on G.A.S.

Why you should save up for an expensive guitar.

Setting Up Disaster Area DPC-8EZ and DMC-8D MIDI Controllers

An easy-to-follow video tutorial to get those patches programmed!

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Shifting from Dayre...Again

Dayre announced that it was shutting down, which led me down a road of beefing up my Tumblr to get it looking the way it does now. Then Dayre didn’t get shut down, and I was in this weird limbo phase of managing yet another blog.

Then they announced a transition in management, and now Dayre is going to be marketed as a women’s lifestyle blogging platform.

Long story short, I’m back to being on Tumblr and Blogspot.

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