Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Gear Day: JPS Pedalboard (No Crazy Pedals)

I was inspired by my recent MSM Stringdom Workshop participants who were seeking simplicity of tone for worship to strip down my rig to something much more manageable.

8 pedals. No crazy delay or reverb, just my PS-6, DD-7 and Time Machine for basic delay tones. I can stack the DD-7 into the Time Machine for dual delay sounds, or set them up for two different subdivisions and toggle them when required. 

My BB Preamp and Timmy have made a comeback on this board, and I'm using the Timmy for crunch. I will augment with either the BB Preamp or SL Drive for lead tones, which I've dialed differently. Strangely enough, the SL Drive has more hair than the BB Preamp!

Finally, I have the Joyo AC Tone at the end of my chain as the amp sim, and it is comparable to the Tech 21 Liverpool! Serious!


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