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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pedalboard Adventures November 2017: Building with the JPS

Alas, I have fallen into the trap of building/tearing-down/rebuilding pedalboards. I put together the following builds with the spare "big format" pedals that I had.

This one with an improved outboard application: as my DD-7 rehouse has dual mono outputs, I placed this last in the chain, with one output split to the Joyo AC Tone for direct-to-board, and a dedicated mono output to amp.

The LS-2 was functioning as a tuner split and a buffered input.

Here was a trial of Mark I. The Timmy sounded too shrill into our sanctuary's PA system, regardless of how low I set the treble.

I still wanted more control over the pedals and wanted to avoid the tap dancing. Enter the  build with the Disaster Area DPC-8EZ, which has a buffered input, a tuner mute, and most importantly, preset capability.

Complete with the Palmer DI for direct-to-board applications and a pick tin, I think I'm set! Now to try this rig out at the next rehearsal.

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