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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tools of the Trade

It's really convenient to blog these days. Remember the days when Blogger didn't have the ability to do rich formatting, upload pictures and link to videos? I survived on Scribefire for my personal blog (which is still alive to this date, with almost 7 years of history!), but now the basic Blogger interface has proven to be just as convenient. Here's what I do for pictures and videos:

I take pictures with my trusty iPhone, running them through instagram for some cool effects, and my Olympus EP-L1. I don't normally have to do much editing, except cropping, resizing, or adding a simple caption, in which case I use Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes, there are tricks to make Powerpoint churn out higher resolution pictures.

Videos are shot with my Canon FS100 (I know, cheapskate, but I got this from an IT fair and it was dead cheap) and sometimes with my EP-L1, with minimal editing with Windows Movie Maker.  When I'm up for it, I'll mic up with either a Shure SM-57 or an Audio Technica AT-2035 (or both, when sufficiently inspired) running into my M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

The audio is then processed through Kristal Audio, which I'll run several plugins to make the video loud enough so that you don't need to crank it (my pet peeve with unprocessed audio on videos), and clear enough so that you can hear what's going on (my other pet peeve with over-processed audio).

Powerpoint, Movie Maker and Kristal. Sure, they're limited in functionality when compared to Photoshop, Premiere and ProTools, but they're free and available for anyone to dive deep into, to satisfy the blogger in you.

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