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Monday, January 24, 2011


Welcome to this first post. You are duly deserving of my thanks in reading this--for what have I, a mere individual in an endless ocean of bloggers, have to offer you? I can assure you that the content you find here is not in rhythm to the dance of all things in vogue. I can't offer cutting-edge commentary on the socio-cultural movements of our day and age. I won't complain against the politics and I shan't romanticize about the past.

I will be open, honest, and hopefully helpful in the things I write about.

I am a musician, an emotionally attuned artist who paints sonic landscapes with the palette of rhythm, melody and harmony. I am an engineer, ever fascinated with all things that work, and in constant obsession with making them better. I am a redeemed, a Christian, a sinner in eternal thanksgiving to God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to bear the judgment that was rightfully mine.

I am a mortal, fighting against the same temptations as any mortal, moral man would. I am an immortal, whose destination is determined by our Heavenly Father, in whom is in possession of the right to rule my life, and mine to joyfully obey.

Well, enough about me. This space is ultimately for you. Aspiring musicians, fellow philosophizing commentators, brothers and sisters in the faith, I welcome you to this space. Have a pleasant stay!

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