Justin Chan hails from Singapore and performs in bands, teaches guitar and dabbles in home recording technology whenever he's free from the corporate insanity of work. His musical experiences include being in pop rock bands The Sessionists and Only After Coffee, leading worship at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, touring with New Heart Music Ministries, and the Creative Arts ministry in Singapore Youth For Christ.

"Technical simplicity" sums up the ethos behind his style of music, which has been influenced by a myriad of musicians, including Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Nigel Hendroff, Ben Knowles, Michael Thompson, Jeff Baxter, B.B. King and Ryo Owatari. Fellow musicians have commented on Justin's sound as a modern take on a vintage style.

This blog combines Justin's interests in teaching and writing, in keeping with the belief that knowledge should be freely shared. When not wielding the six-stringed axe, Justin enjoys reading, photography, and savoring coffee from all over the world.

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