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Monday, October 31, 2016

Korean BBQ Buffet at Don Dae Bak

Our dear friend gave a treat and she deserves a shout-out for being the awesome possum wife's bff (and by extension, mine too). She brought us to Don Dae Bak, a place that was drastically different from what I had in mind. The only experience I had with Korean BBQ thus far was Seoul Garden, and yes, I recognise that isn't entirely authentically Korean.

First things first: the low-hanging pipe above the grill area is essentially a HVAC unit that siphons air away. You pull it closer to the grill (quite close, in fact) when you're cooking meat. That being said, nothing will prevent these two things from happening to you when eating at a Korean BBQ:

1. Your clothes will smell of cooked meat. Forget about how you look, wear things you know you'll throw in the wash the second you reach home.

2. The oil from the grill will splatter, and a drop or two of very hot oil will land on your skin. Or in my case, my eye. Twice. My bespectacled friends, you're at an advantage here.

The meat selection here is really good, and we had a choice of pork, chicken and beef. Being the carnivores we are, we went with all types of meat.

Of course, the highlight of eating at such a place is cooking the meat. Behold, the oil-splattering goodness of grill-cooking:

The best tip I can give you is that your time at one sitting is limited to 90 minutes, so if you want the most amount of meat for the time you have, forego the chicken and just choose beef. Chicken takes so much longer to cook!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Brunch at Spruce, Fire Station (Upper Bukit Timah)

A fire station-turned-restaurant/bar, this place is spacious and evokes a sense of quirkiness. 
Bottles galore! Of course, for a bar, this must be standard fare.

I can't really comment on their selection, but I'm told their offerings aren't overly expensive.

I really like the wooden textures of their decor.
Christine and I have been eyeing Spruce for a while now, and they didn't disappoint. Their staff are attentive and are quite willing to strike up a conversation with you--so if you're the type who want privacy on your dates, you might find them a little uncomfortable intrusive.

A simple menu where everything can be seen at a glance.

Their macchiato isn't that strong but for a pick-me-up in the morning, it performed its function well.

Christine had a 2-for-1 drinks special while I had the coffee.

On to the main event. As a tip, their sides may sound small, but they are really big. Our server advised against our order of a side each. Here's why:

The French toast is huge! So beware, you might end up not being able to finish your sides!

She had the eggs royale, which is poached eggs with smoked salmon on a muffin. Spruce includes a dash of caviar to add an extra dimension to the dish.

I went with their recommended "chicken benny", which is eggs benedict with a portion of grilled chicken served with waffles. Sounds weird but it works well!

Their portions are huge! I think I will order one main and one side to share with Christine should we come here again.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday Brunch at Basilico

The recent birthday festivities were absolutely amazing. My wife and I love brunch, and especially Basilico's, which features an open cheese room (only during the Sunday brunch) and numerous legendary dishes like truffle cream risotto and free-flow foie gras.

As a lover of all things truffle and foie gras, I skipped over all the other items on their buffet line, which does look good too.

The main event for me was raiding the cheese room. This time, there was an Italian cheese chef who asked for my preferences and made his recommendations. When I said I wanted to try everything, he made it a point to pick out his most adventurous cheese: urbiaco al Barolo, which is wine-infused cheese. As a Methodist, I can't drink, but since this is in food, I suppose the rule won't apply here.

The best dishes of the day, however, still went to the pan-fry station because of foie gras. I think Christine and I must have eaten at least $100 worth of the gooey goodness.

Last but not least, we also raided the truffle dish of the day. Unfortunately, it wasn't the standard risotto; alas, it was changed to a truffle cream ravioli. Nonetheless, it was still really good.

As far as I was concerned, I was done. However, as all wives would be quick to point out, a buffet is incomplete without desserts. So here's a short collection of obligatory dessert shots:

What a day this has been. Thank you dearest, for the wonderful treat! It was an amazing experience!

For further reading:
Basilico's official web page

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