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Friday, December 8, 2017

Bring Me to Life: Trying NYXL on a Les Paul

The new string feeling is amazing. I took a break from essay writing by trying on a set of D'Addario NYXL strings. I had wanted to try a low tuning to play stuff from A Perfect Circle. As much as they aren't a good influence in terms of lyrical antithesis to my Christian faith, James Iha and Billy Howerdel are geniuses at crafting intricate but simple guitar lines.

My plan to play in Standard C# failed. As it turns out, the string tension when top-wrapping a Les Paul drops significantly, to the point that I didn't need to crank my tuners that much to raise the strings to pitch. At Standard C#, the strings were flappy and had very little tension, feeling like 8's and had a terrible time staying in tune.

I raised the pitch to Standard Eb, and it was a much better experience.

Oh well. Lesson learnt: I’ll try out 13 gauge and drop tune that next time!

Monster Curry at Serangoon Nex

Monster Curry hasn't changed in price, but it has changed its practice of upfront payment. You no longer have to pay first!

We tried something different this time: their honey toast, which we think is a just-pass. According to wife, she says it passes the test to satisfy a sweet craving but it's not something to shout about.

In other news, we discovered that NEX has a Lego Store!

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