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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Gear Day: JPS Pedalboard (No Crazy Pedals)

I was inspired by my recent MSM Stringdom Workshop participants who were seeking simplicity of tone for worship to strip down my rig to something much more manageable.

8 pedals. No crazy delay or reverb, just my PS-6, DD-7 and Time Machine for basic delay tones. I can stack the DD-7 into the Time Machine for dual delay sounds, or set them up for two different subdivisions and toggle them when required. 

My BB Preamp and Timmy have made a comeback on this board, and I'm using the Timmy for crunch. I will augment with either the BB Preamp or SL Drive for lead tones, which I've dialed differently. Strangely enough, the SL Drive has more hair than the BB Preamp!

Finally, I have the Joyo AC Tone at the end of my chain as the amp sim, and it is comparable to the Tech 21 Liverpool! Serious!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Gear Day: Suhr Modern Satin

This African Mahogany beauty came into the fold as a result of a trade with my Gretch Duo Jet. If I were honest, I wasn't bonding with the Gretsch as much as I thought I would. Yes, it's a "quintessential" worship guitar sound, but it was like playing an electrified acoustic. I had difficulty accessing the 16th fret onwards for solos. And it was just bigger and heavier than my other shred machines.

Yes, I'm aware these guitars are well-suited for the shred genre. And perhaps with its lightweight, fast neck and incredible touch, maybe I could get back to practicing proper lead guitar technique.

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