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Friday, October 3, 2014

Rig Rundown (September 2014) - Back to a PT-Pro Board

Build report for PT-Pro rig designation Mark 1:

The weight is definitely an issue for me, but I guess I'll finally have a use for a trolley that came with my printer purchase. I've integrated the TimeLine and a BigSky with the Disaster Area DMC-3XL, having updated the firmware to support two MIDI devices.

Signal chain:
TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
Visual Sound Comp66
Visual Sound TrueTone Clean Boost
Budda Bud-wah

Boss Line Selector LS-2
Loop 2: Empty (so that I can control the volume of the clean signal)
Loop 1:
-Morningstar rehoused Xotic BB Preamp and Paul Cochrane Timmy v1
-JHS Superbolt
-Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 (in case I need distortion)
-Xotic EP booster v2

Out to Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Junior
Morningstar SDD-3000 preamp (as master volume for the rig)
ISP Decimator
Morningstar rehoused Boss DD-7 and PS-6
TC Electronic Nova Modulator
Strymon TimeLine (with Boss BF-3 Flanger in effects loop)
Strymon BigSky
Carl Martin Rockbug amp simulator

The Strymon pedals are controlled by a Disaster Area DMC-3XL
Matthews Effects 3-out tap tempo pedal to control TimeLine and DD-7

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