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Monday, March 16, 2015

A New Resolve - Pedaltrain Nano Mark 1 (AMT/Xotic/TC Mini Pedals)

How small can a pedalboard get? This was the challenge placed on my heart for a while, and I didn't have the chance to get down to actualize a fully functional pedalboard with my favorite tones at a fraction of the size. When I distilled my creative requirements for tone, I realized I essentially needed:

  • A wah pedal
  • A compressor
  • A boost
  • An overdrive
  • A volume pedal
  • A delay

Were there six such pedals in a miniaturized form factor? Yes! Hence, it was a matter of time (in acquiring the necessary funds) before I could put all of the essential components together to form the tiniest pedalboard I have ever assembled:

From right to left, the signal chain is as follows:
AMT Japanese Girl WH-1
Xotic SP Compressor
Xotic EP Booster
Xotic SL Drive
AMT Little Loud Mouth LLM-2
TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

And here's a short video on how I set up the overdrive section with the Xotic Trinity:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Viewing iCloud Calendar Events in Google Calendar

I wrote a short how-to for ministry members to view iCloud calendar events on their Google calendar spaces because some people just don't have iCloud access (being Android phone users). This is a short post, but I hope it helps you out as much as it helped me!

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