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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why Like That: Ok, So How Else Do You Study Hebrew?

I was searching for guides to using my Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon, and stumbled across these videos discouraging its use:

That may very well be that the authors and editors of the lexicon do not share the same vision of biblical inerrancy, and that they hold on to ecumenism to bridge the gap between Catholics and Protestants, but are they really in gross error and in the grip of Satan? Really?

I'm very wary of people who are so quick to paint in broad strokes. How else would you learn and study Hebrew? Do you know every single Hebrew word in the Old Testament?

Hebrew is a beautiful language, but for an English-speaking, non-native learner of the language, it is virtually impossible to figure it out without help. And that's precisely what BDB is, a tool that helps and assists you. You can't encode a lexicon with your views on inerrancy or ecumenism.

Why like that!?

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