Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Inner Geek (and the New Office)

The move from Midview to church:

Some shots of the sanctuary (the pews haven't been brought in yet):

And once we settled into office:

Maybe it's part of my training as an engineer, but when I saw things that were not being used lying around the house and in office, I just had to make use of those things and decided to put together a computer system for my new office space:

When we settled down in the new office, there were quite a few things lying about:
  • A spare 19" monitor
  • My personal spare keyboard (a Microsoft Sidewinder) and a set of Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers
  • A notebook cooler
  • A picture frame, which got filled up really quick :)
I hooked up the monitor, keyboard and speakers to my netbook, set the display out as "projector only" and let the computer decide on the optimum resolution for the display. Lo and behold, it looked and felt just like a desktop! The cool thing is that I can switch between using the netbook exclusively if I need more privacy (the 10" screen of my netbook is harder to take a peek at from behind, and I can use my mouse like a leftie), or if I need to run video calls from the webcam.

Zoom out a bit more, and you'll see my trusty iPad propped on a book stand.

You'll also notice that I have my iPhone connected to the netbook. I had to tether my 3G connection over the past two days, as our internet connection hasn't been set up yet in the new office. Although slower than WiFi, I still managed to upload photos to my Photobucket account, download videos and music for sermon prep, and use gChat with Christine.

Insert random pictures of cute kids here (Alex and Caroline brought Tiffany and Ian around the new office):

And a picture of the office eskimo, Irene:

And the last shot of the whole office (I saved the best for last!)


"Insert random pictures of cute kids here"!! Pure gold! Haha.. Love the new office!

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