Sunday, April 14, 2013

A DIY Pedaltrain Nano


The laptop cooler in office finally died, and I was about to just use it as a laptop riser when I realized it has a nice elevation angle that’s similar to a Pedaltrain. I wanted to get a Pedaltrain Nano for my jam sessions where I only really needed the amp sim and a delay (and I figured out that even that’s a bit much for a simple jam. I’m currently looking for a smaller delay pedal).

So I found some leftover velcro from my Pedaltrain 3, found my spare patch cables, spare power supply and daisy chain, and started putting them together with three of my most important pedals: my Pitch Black tuner, SansAmp GT2 and Boss DD-20. To take the DIY approach even further, I found a spare projector case and found that it fitted the pedalboard really snugly:
Compared to a Pedaltrain soft case, this projector case has more storage space for cables, the power supply, and I could even put in a DI box. All-in-all, this was quite a fast DIY build, as the materials were all readily accessible.


Cool idea! No pun intended. Okay, may a little intentional.

I just did the same! Very cool idea

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