Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brunch and Lunch at Curious Palette

Nestled in a row of shophouses opposite Paradiz Centre, Curious Palette caught our attention for a variety of reasons: they had a Scotched Egg dish, their fries were truffled sweet potato, they had a soft-shell crab burger, and their hotcakes were so big that it has been purportedly substituted a main course for a food blogger. We just had to try them out!

Here's their menu as of 10 May 2017:

Corned beef scotched egg. The slaw had too much garlic, in my opinion.

Crab cake on English muffin

My piccolo late, which was nice and strong.

Wife's mocha, which had a nice balance of chocolate, milk and coffee.

Another view of the crab cake. That's a chorizo pate on the side.

The Croque Madam, which has a great cheese filling that goes well with the nice ham!

Soft-shell crab burger.

There's a nice selection of dessert cakes that you can order off the shelf.

Salted egg yolk chicken wings.

Their hotcake that takes 30 minutes to prepare. We thought it was ok.


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