Thursday, March 7, 2019

Managing Wrist Injuries as a Guitarist

  1. Get a wrist guard (1:41)
  2. Play with less gear (4:19)
  3. Modify your technique (5:33)
  4. Play an ergonomic guitar (7:35)
  5. Pray for healing! (9:05)
As some of you are aware, I have scapholunate dissociation in both my wrists. It's been a tumultuous journey, with its many days and nights of pain, with a constant cry to God for healing. There have been miracles and the tangible power of God in healing me. There have been moments where I believed God must not love me because of my constant pain.

But through it all, God is good. He has always been good. I may wear a guard now, but in time to come, I will not need it in the new heaven and new earth. But for now, for those fellow guitarists who suffer from wrist injuries, you are not alone, and your pain is not permanent! 


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