Friday, March 15, 2019

The Clue-less Goat and Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Novena, March 2019)

If you can spare to park at Goldhill Plaza, there are cafes in the vicinity of United Square that we found to be really good. First up, The Clue-less Goat:

Savory waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon.
Avocado toast with poached eggs and chorizo sausage

Brunch done right

I left my gear at home, so the phone will have to do. We have considered this the place with the 2nd best scrambled eggs, after Symmetry. Wife also really loved the avocado toast here. The only problem (as we found out the hard way) was that this place is not open for dinner!

Next up, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee. We hopped in here after discovering that Clue-less Goat doesn't open for dinner, and we were pleasantly surprised at the availability of brunch food for dinner.

Our evening caffeine: Jasmine green tea with rose for her and a cortado for me

Friday cortado

Avocado on toasted muffin with poached eggs with bratwurst

Savory waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon (view of eggs)

Aerial view of the waffles

Their savory waffles don't come with maple syrup, but instead, a heavy cream-based sauce which can be overpowering. We found that it masked the taste of  their scrambled eggs, which wasn't too bad. The point goes to Clue-less Goat for scrambled eggs.

However, their avocado muffin was really good, with the muffin toasted to perfection. Trust me, it's really hard to find a place that toasts muffins well!


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